Decision on the application

Created: 2020.08.28 / Updated: 2020.08.28 13:32

Applications shall be decided on within 15 calendar days of the date of the lodging of an application which is admissible. That period may be extended up to a maximum of 45 calendar days in individual cases, notably when further scrutiny of the application is needed.

Applicants who have been refused a visa receives are notified by means of the standard form on the refusal, annulment or revocation of the visa, stating the reasons for the decision. Applicants have the right to appeal against the decisions to the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court (Žygimantų St. 2, LT-01102 Vilnius, tel .: +370 5 264 8703) within 14 days from the date of the delivery of the decision. In accordance with the procedure established by the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Legal Status of Aliens and the Law on Administrative Proceedings of the Republic of Lithuania, an appeal must be lodged in Lithuanian, and documents written in other languages must be translated into Lithuanian and approved in accordance with the established procedure. A stamp duty of EUR 30 must be paid for the appeal (if the appeal is lodged to a court only by electronic means, 75 % of the amount of the stamp duty must be paid).

A decision on a refusal to issue a visa is not a subject of administrative appeal.

Mere possession of a uniform visa or a visa with limited territorial validity shall not confer an automatic right of entry. Visa holders at the external border are required to provide evidence that they fulfil the entry conditions as they set in Article 6 of the Schengen Borders Code.

Cooperation with external service providers

According to the agreement between Lithuania and VF Services (UK) Ltd., the latter is entrusted with the performance of the following tasks:

a) providing general information on visa requirements and application forms;

b) informing the applicant of the required supporting documents;

c) collecting data and applications (including collection of biometric identifiers) and transmitting the application to the visa authority of the Republic of Lithuania or the central authorities;

d) collecting the visa fee;

e) managing the appointments for the applicant, where applicable, at the visa authority of the Republic of Lithuania or at the premises of an external service provider;

f) collecting the travel documents, including a refusal notification if applicable, from the visa authority of the Republic of Lithuania or the central authorities and returning them to the applicant.

The examination of applications, interviews (where appropriate), the decision on applications and the printing and affixing of visa stickers shall be carried out only by the visa authority of the Republic of Lithuania. Regarding the possibility to submit visa applications directly to the visa authority of the Republic of Lithuania or the Member State with which Lithuania has concluded a representation agreement - please contact the competent visa authority of the Republic of Lithuania.