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Lithuanian Jews helped build the country, and their legacy remains an integral part of Lithuanian history.

This year, while Israel is celebrating 70 years of modern statehood, Lithuania is celebrating 100 years of restored independence.

For centuries Lithuanian Jewry was part of the educated and intellectual elite of our society. One hundred years ago they took the most active part in the process of creating the Republic of Lithuania. They were elected to the Lithuanian Parliament, took up diplomatic posts, served in the army. I would like to particularly mention some of those great men.

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During the Riga Conference 2017, European Western Balkans spoke with Linas Linkevičius, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Lithuania. We spoke on Juncker’s Strategy for successful accession of Serbia and Montenegro, Russian interests in the Western Balkans and Serbia’s military neutrality.

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Lithuanian Minister Linas Linkevičius, who is on an official visit to India to celebrate 25th year of establishment of diplomatic relations, spoke to The Tribune about the relationship between the two countries, his views on global terrorism as a challenge, his views on what Europe is viewing as Russia’s growing aggression and what he expects from his countries ties with India.

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With the construction of Belarus's controversial Astravets nuclear power plant hurtling forward, the dissonance between Minsk and Vilnius over the project could not be greater. Lithuania -- whose capital lies less than 50 kilometers from Astravets -- has protested vehemently against the construction of the plant since it was announced in 2008.

Along with objecting to Minsk's decision to build the plant so close to Vilnius -- which along with Astravets is in a seismic-activity zone -- Lithuanian officials are concerned that Minsk has not allowed a full inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Adding to the worries in Vilnius is the secrecy of Belarusian officials when faced with 10 accidents and three deaths that occurred during the construction of the plant, which began in 2013.

"Regretfully, from the very beginning the Belarusians never discussed any of these issues with us," Darius Degutis, appointed in January as Lithuania's envoy for issues related to the Astravets nuclear plant, told RFE/RL.

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Polish and Lithuanian relations have recently improved. They share longtime history, are NATO and EU members and it turns out that they perceive their common problems similarly. We talked to the foreign minister of Lithuania Linas Linkeviczius about threats and opportunities of the neighbouring countries.

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