Documents which require Legalization
Created: 2015.09.09 / Renewed: 2024.05.31 14:47

Consular legalization of a document is a consular officer's certification that a signature, a seal and duties of the undersigned individual on a document are genuine. Legalization is necessary to allow documents issued in one country to be accepted and used by institutions of other countries.

The following documents are subject to legalization:

  • Civil status certificates (birth certificate, paternity verification, certificate of adoption, certificate of marriage, certificate of divorce, verification of change of family name, death certificate)
  • Company documents (incorporation agreement, certificate of incorporation, articles of association of a company)
  • Education and study documents
  • Certificates and verification issued by companies, offices and organizations.

Other documents may also be legalized provided that their contents shall not contradict laws and international agreements.

Legalization requirements:

  • Copies shall be certified in compliance with notarial procedures.