Please be informed that illegal crossing of the border of the Republic of Lithuania incurs criminal responsibility under the laws of Lithuania. Foreigners seeking for asylum in Lithuania can legally apply by submitting an application at border checkpoints of Lithuania or, having arrived in Lithuania by legal means, at the Migration Department.

Driving in Lithuania
Created: 2018.05.24 / Updated: 2020.12.01 15:35

Aliens who are not residents of the Republic of Lithuania and who cross the border of the Republic of Lithuania in motor vehicles registered abroad must have the following documents and present them for inspection to the officials of the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) at border check points:

  • a valid personal travel document (passport, identity card or other travel document)
  • the vehicle registration document (title of the vehicle)

The officials of the SBGS are entitled to ask the driver to produce a driver’s licence allowing him to drive a vehicle of a particular category.

A motor vehicle, which is driven as opposed to being towed or otherwise transported through the border post, must have a registration plate.

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