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Personal animal product import rules
Created: 2018.05.24 / Updated: 2020.12.01 15:34

Restrictions on the entry of animal origin products for personal consumption into the EU

The entry of meat, milk and their products for personal consumption from third countries to the territory of the EU is prohibited.

The restrictions on the entry of animal origin products do not apply in case they are arriving from the Principality of Andorra, the Principality of Liechtenstein, the Kingdom of Norway, the Republic of San Marino and the Swiss Confederation.

Entry is prohibited for

  • meat and meat products (firm fat, fresh or processed meat, including poultry meat, fats, sausages, canned meat, pastry products filled with meat, sauces or soups containing meat, etc.)
  • milk and milk products (milk, condensed milk, milk powder, cream, curds, kefir, cheese, butter, yoghurt, milk ice-cream, etc.)
  • pet food containing meat and/or milk products (dog and cat food, canned food, treats for dogs, etc.).


  • milk powder intended for infants, and/or
  • infant food or special food for medical purposes, and/or
  • special pet food for medical purposes,
  • the products must meet these provisions:
  1. the amount of the products per person does not exceed 2 kg (does not exceed 10 kg in case the products come from the Faroe Islands, Greenland or the Republic of Iceland)
  2. the products do not have to be kept in a refrigerator before opening the packages
  3. the products are packed in original producers’ packages intended for sale to final consumers
  4. the packaging of the product is intact, unless the product is at the moment being consumed.

The entry is allowed for

  • up to 2 kg of honey, eggs, live oysters, live mussels and snails (up to 10 kg in case the products come from the Faroe Islands, Greenland or Iceland)
  • up to 20 kg of fishery products (the weight restrictions do not apply for products coming from the Faroe Islands or Iceland):
  1. fresh fish (must be eviscerated), dried, heat treated, salted, smoked fish and canned fish
  2. crustaceans such as shrimps, lobsters, dead mussels and dead oysters
  • up to 125 g of caviar from the sturgeon species.

Caution: Animal origin products from outside the EU in personal luggage are prohibited

Prohibited animal origin products intended for personal consumption have to be disposed of in special containers intended for this purpose available at the border inspection posts.