Please be informed that illegal crossing of the border of the Republic of Lithuania incurs criminal responsibility under the laws of Lithuania. Foreigners seeking for asylum in Lithuania can legally apply by submitting an application at border checkpoints of Lithuania or, having arrived in Lithuania by legal means, at the Migration Department.

Complaints procedure
Created: 2020.08.28 / Updated: 2021.03.01 13:26

Applicants may lodge complaints about the conduct of staff at visa authorities of the Republic of Lithuania and, where applicable, of the external service providers or the application process. In accordance with the Article 2 p. 5 of the 1999 June 17 Law on Public Administration of the Republic of Lithuania No. VIII-1234, a complaint is a written application of a person to a public administration entity, stating that his or her rights or legitimate interests have been violated and asking to defend them. Pursuant to Article 3 p. 8, the complaint shall be lodged to the visa authority of the Republic of Lithuania concerned or directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Complaints are examined in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article 14 and Section 3 of the Law, decisions on appeals shall be taken within 20 working days. Where, for objective reasons, the complaint cannot be dealt with within that period, the period may be extended, but for no longer than 10 working days. The person shall be notified in writing of the extension within 2 working days and the reasons for the extension shall be indicated.