Please be informed that illegal crossing of the border of the Republic of Lithuania incurs criminal responsibility under the laws of Lithuania. Foreigners seeking for asylum in Lithuania can legally apply by submitting an application at border checkpoints of Lithuania or, having arrived in Lithuania by legal means, at the Migration Department.

Residence Permits in the Republic of Lithuania
Created: 2015.09.09 / Updated: 2020.12.02 14:46

The main legal act regulating the issues concerning residence permits, their types and conditions of issue is the Law on the Legal status of Aliens (hereinafter - the Law).

A residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania shall grant an alien the right to reside in the Republic of Lithuania, to choose a place of residence in the Republic of Lithuania, to change the place of residence, to depart from and return to the Republic of Lithuania during the period of validity of the residence permit.

Aliens shall be issued the following residence permits:

  • Temporary Residence Permit or
  • Permanent Residence Permit

For more detailed information on residence permits in the Republic of Lithuania see web site of the Migration Department under the Ministry of Interior